Cellphones, e-mail, telecommuting. Modern technology has changed the world. So why are you still sporting a less-than-fabulous set of nails? From nail biters to nail abusers, Dashing Diva's got you covered – literally.

Try our Virtual Nails™ and discover what it's like to have beautiful nails all the time. Over a decade in the making, these patent-pending, clear, full-cover nails are a real innovation. They come in hundreds of sizes and curvatures, so they fit like a “glove” every time.

Unlike acrylics or UV gel nail extensions, with Virtual Nails™, there's no filing or drilling and virtually no damage to the natural nail bed. Once you've been sized, Virtual Nails™ require only minutes to apply in our salon, using a special glue we created that keeps them in place for up to 2 weeks.
With Virtual Nails™ there's no need for fill-ins either. After 2 weeks of wear, you just soak them off for 10-15 minutes in our special “Magic Melt” solution (a special combination of acetone and lanolin) and put on a whole new set … or go back to sporting your own natural nails. Now there's a proposition that resonates with nail biters, not to mention all you “toe-in-the-water” types.

Since we opened our first store in New York City in October 2003, thousands of customers have tried Virtual Nails™ and have been spreading the word about this revolutionary new product ever since. Maybe it's time for you to see for yourself what all the buzz is about.

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